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News: Integrated Supply Chains: Chemonics at GHSCS

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From November 16 to 18, supply chain experts from Chemonics participate in the ninth annual Global Health Supply Chain Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

How can global health supply chains bring together the right people, products, and processes to maximize impact? At the ninth annual Global Health Supply Chain Summit (GHSCS), which takes place from November 16 to 18, Chemonics joins supply chain experts to explore integrating supply chains for sustainable health outcomes. Hosted in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, this year’s summit convenes supply chain practitioners, academics, and experts, including those who work in logistics and the pharmaceutical industry.

​​With a focus on innovation, effective partnerships, and enhanced local ownership, GHSCS provides a forum for attendees to learn from and lead the transformation of global health supply chains. Chemonics looks forward to sharing insights from our Global Health Supply Chain – Procurement and Supply Management Project​ (GHSC-PSM).

​​With sessions moderated by GHSC-PSM Country Programs Director Doris Youngs and IDIQ Director Anthony Savelli, Chemonics leads discussions on cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions for more integrated health supply chains. Arizona State University’s Dr. Dale Rogers brings expertise on managing during crises, and will discuss the many challenges of supply chain while highlighting solutions and lessons learned from his experience. On November 17, Chemonics is also hosting a luncheon and cocktail reception for GHSCS attendees and local partners.

“I am really excited about connecting with our field staff that will be attending the summit,” explained Ms. Youngs. “They are the true reason why we are able to deliver on our mission of meeting the most in need. I am always humbled to be around them and look forward to great, in-depth discussions.”

Are you attending the Global Health Supply Chain Summit? Join us for our luncheon and cocktail reception on November 17. Stop by the Chemonics booth and follow the summit on social media using #GHSCS.​​​​​​​​​​