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News: Chemonics Partners with Devex on Food Security Campaign

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Chemonics is co-sponsoring Devex's Feeding Development campaign, which launches July 8. Watch for feature stories and social media activity that will bring food security issues to the forefront.

Chemonics is co-sponsoring Devex’s Feeding Development campaign, which launches July 8, along with ACDI/VOCA, Fintrac, GAIN, Nestle, and TetraTech. Chemonics is proud to support the campaign at a time when food security is becoming an increasingly complex and critical issue due to population growth, climate change, and a host of other global challenges.

Throughout July, Feeding Development will advance the development community’s conversation about food security. Expert commentaries, videos, case studies, and other content from Devex and its partners’ experts will unpack the complexities behind food security in relation to the environment, land rights, supply chains, and nutrition, and explore trends and cutting-edge thinking in these areas.

To create space for the development community to join in meaningful discussions, Devex will lead an interactive social media campaign that will include digital events like a CrowdHall and Google Hangout. In addition to contributing commentaries, videos, and other content, Chemonics will participate in the social media campaign and a digital rally event.

Watch for feature stories, original articles, interviews, videos, and an interactive social media experience that will bring food security issues to the forefront. Follow #FeedingDev on Twitter to join the conversation.