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In the DRC, a community health worker hands a packaged bed net to a woman.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Widening the Net of Data Capture for Improved Digital Health

Mulamuli (Mula) Mpofu | Alphonse Ubial Siteke | Tyler Williamson | Remy Ngoy
May 17, 2023
4 Minute Read
Digital data collection and visualization tools allow for rapid feedback during campaigns to distribute insecticide-treated nets.
A woman shows a new bednet delivered in a recent mass campaign.

Beyond Bed Nets: How Gender Integration Can Improve Malaria Control

Alphonse Ubial Siteke | Julie Becker | Clara Harb
March 9, 2023
5 Minute Read
USAID’s End Malaria Project in DRC is working to build gender-balanced ITN distribution teams that can better respond to the unique needs of different communities.
A group of people posing for a photo as they load large white sacks marked "USAID" onto a truck.

Advancing Bed Net Coverage for Malaria Vector Control: Lessons from DRC

Carey Walovich | Charlotte Follari | Djenie Danjoint
April 25, 2022
4 Minute Read
In the Democratic Republic of the Congo , through the USAID End Malaria Project, we have employed several successful approaches to ensure the best outcomes in vector control.
Image of animated malaria pills and malaria-related items

World Malaria Day: Advancing Equity, Building Resilience, Ending Malaria

April 22, 2022
< 1 Minute Read
On World Malaria Day, we join the global community call for keeping malaria high on the global health agenda to advance its vision of a world without malaria.
Image of several people standing in a circle and watching a pair of people sitting in a bug net fashioned into a tent.

Three Successful Approaches for Reducing the Malaria Burden in Mozambique

Mulamuli (Mula) Mpofu | Dr. Baz Semo | Antonio Mussa | Carey Walovich
December 13, 2021
4 Minute Read
In Mozambique, through the Integrated Malaria Program (IMaP), our work with the National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) led to successful outcomes, including reduced malaria mortality.
Student in Mozambique holds bed net and pamphlet about malaria.

The Malaria Vaccine Is Here, Finally. What Next?

Dr. Baz Semo | Mulamuli (Mula) Mpofu
October 15, 2021
4 Minute Read
The World Health Organization has recommended broad use of RTS,S, a malaria vaccine for children. Will this timely vaccine be successful in reducing malaria mortality in children? Possibly, but there are four critical factors to consider.
A professional headshot of Mpofu Mula.

Development Works Here with Dr. Mulamuli Mpofu

Mulamuli (Mula) Mpofu
September 23, 2021
< 1 Minute Read
Development works here because great people work here. We’re excited to introduce you to our team.