Maryna Rudenko

Maryna Rudenko is a Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Advisor at the Partnership Fund for a Resilient Ukraine (PFRU). She has 20 years of experience supporting democratic development, parliamentary and justice reform, gender mainstreaming, and the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) agenda to the national policies and legislation, implementation of projects from a gender…

Anna Bortiana

Anna Bortiana is the Communications Advisor for Early Recovery at the Partnership Fund for a Resilient Ukraine (PFRU) programme. Anna firmly believes in the power of communication. Her expertise in marketing, project management, and communication has been honed through her work with international organisations such as Henkel, USAID, GIZ, and PUI. Her volunteer experience with…

Iryna Ivanova

Iryna Ivanova is the Early Recovery Deputy Director at the Partnership Fund for a Resilient Ukraine (PFRU) programme. Before joining Chemonics projects eight years ago, she spent 17 years working on radio in the East of Ukraine. Her extensive experience in programming with government, civil society, and youth is a result of her unwavering passion…

Dirseo Pasha

Dirseo Pasha is a professional fellow who supported Chemonics’ democracy and governance team. He has an academic background in European studies from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Matthew Rando

Matthew is an Integrated Supply Chain Manager – Family Planning/Reproductive Health & Maternal/Child Health for the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management project.

Jackson Wu-Pong

Jackson is a senior associate in Chemonics’ education technical practice.

Wud Salam

Wud Salam is a senior communications manager at Chemonics International, with experience in social media management and communications for USAID/Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) programs. Currently, she is managing the communications unit at the USAID/OTI-funded Iraq Community Resilience Initiative.

Sarah Linwick

Sarah Linwick is an advisor and a writer-editor for Chemonics. Previously, she was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan, where she taught 16th- and 17th-century literature and college writing. Her Ph.D. is in English language and literature.

Ivan Plis

Ivan Plis is a writer-editor and senior specialist in Chemonics’ Office of the CEO and the co-chair of ChemABLE, Chemonics’ employee resource group for disability inclusion.

Nada Raslan

Nada Raslan is a specialist with Chemonics’ gender equality and social inclusion technical practice.

Bilsana Bibic

Bilsana Bibic is a Project Manager covering Montenegro for FCDO’s Western Balkans Rule of Law Initiative (WBROLI) project, implemented by Chemonics UK. She has extensive experience in programme and project management, as well as public policy research and analysis. She holds a double Masters degree focused on European Studies (an MA from Jagiellonian University in…