The Future of Bangladesh is Female

With the support of the USAID-funded Feed the Future Bangladesh Horticulture, Fruits, and Non-food Crops Activity, close to 3,000 women have found meaningful work in a country where 20 years ago only 28% of women aged 15 and over participated in the labor force. By 2021, that number had risen to approximately 37 percent, a…

Climate Finance for a Just Transition: A Forum on Blended Finance and Catalytic Strategies

As we mobilise capital flows to deliver a net zero future, a just transition means ensuring the benefits are shared widely and embedded successfully, with no one left behind. Financial institutions and governments have been ramping up their commitments to a just transition, but many need to better understand the rationale, implications, and applications of…

Improving Basic Education for Children in East Africa

USAID has made great strides in improving student learning outcomes in East Africa, particularly in primary school student reading skills. However, much work remains to be done, especially considering learning disruptions due to COVID-19. With the need to re-engage learners, it is critical to focus on early-grade reading for continued retention, success in future grades,…

Modernizing Agriculture Through Green Energy

The goal of this partnership with the Agency for the Development and Modernization of Agriculture, supported by Moldova’s Ministry of Agriculture, was to spur digital transformation, increased energy resilience, and the sustainability of the agricultural sector, as detailed in this success story.

Launch of a Flagship E-Commerce Program

This program aims to provide technical assistance and other resources to small and medium-sized enterprises across industries to implement e-commerce systems within their companies, as detailed in this success story.

Moldova For Peace

Moldova for Peace was born in response to the tragic developments in Ukraine in 2022. This success story details the social cohesion campaign which urged peace and unification while combatting fake news and hate.

Three New Createch Bachelor Programs

These three new fields of study, namely New Media, Game Design, and Animation, did not previously exist in Moldovan universities. This success story details the journey to the launch of these new programs.

Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Learning Event

Some highlights of the learning event were a pause and reflect group dynamic in which the participants were able to evaluate the implementation of Sembrando Oportunidades and share their suggestions of improvements that can be made, and the presentation of the Alliance for Root Causes and Opportunities Activity proposals to increase the activity’s reach.

Invest in Emerging Economies to Protect Our Future

This post originally appeared on Fast Company on April 17, 2023.  We have the money and ingenuity to solve the world’s greatest challenges. What we need most right now is to unlock the massive capital needed to harness both the entrepreneurial potential in frontier and emerging economies and relevant technology that will provide the breadth of…

Elizabeth Fustos

Elizabeth Fustos has extensive expertise in the design and implementation of economic growth programs in Europe and Eurasia, Asia, and Africa, with a particular focus on partnership development with the private and public sectors, donors, academia, and industry organizations. She currently serves as senior advisor for strategy and partnerships for the Europe and Eurasia division,…

Building a Robust and Resilient Digital Economy for the Philippines

Growth prospects for the Philippines’ digital economy are promising; the internet economy grew by 32% from 2015 to 2019 and 93% from 2020 to 2021. However, the Philippines is falling behind regional peers in digital adoption. Longstanding distrust in digital transactions and limited digital infrastructure contributing to unequal access to services delivered via the internet…

Driving Sustainable Growth in Moldova’s High-Value Agriculture, Wine, and Tourism Sectors

Moldova, a landlocked country bordered by Romania and Ukraine, faces a challenging development path. The country needs to sustain macroeconomic stability and revive private sector growth, but the COVID-19 pandemic, an economic recession, and the regional crisis caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have all caused economic uncertainty. Structural factors, like an overall declining population,…