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USAID Invest DRC Cocoa and Coffee Sector Guides .

Technical Brief | September 28, 2023

These reports, produced by USAID’s Investment Facilitation Activity in the DRC (USAID Invest, or the Activity), provide an overview of the cocoa and coffee sectors in the DRC. The reports highlight production trends, challenges, and opportunities. They profile relevant sector stakeholders across the value chains, including existing cocoa and coffee farmer cooperatives, traders, processors, exporters, and major international customers. The reports also describe existing enabling organizations, such as government agencies, NGOs, development programs, and relevant financial institutions. The objective of the reports is three-fold:
1) Provide an understanding of trends and opportunities for growth in the DRC cocoa and coffee sectors.
2) Provide investors an overview of existing actors and opportunities to invest in the cocoa and coffee value chain.
3) Finally, by highlighting the critical constraints for growth, assist supporting government and development agencies in identifying opportunities for intervention.