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Development Starts Here — A Pledge to Action for Diversity and Inclusion

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LGBTQI+-Inclusive Development | Gender Equality and Social Inclusion | Disability-Inclusive Development

The development sector has a crucial opportunity to lead the charge for diversity and inclusion. Chemonics’ president and CEO Susanna Mudge invites industry-wide reflection and action and shares considerations and goals for organizations’ diversity and inclusion efforts.

This post originally appeared on Devex.

So often international development professionals facilitate incredible change in the most challenging environments, yet it can be difficult to practice what we preach. By the very nature of our work with people from all parts of society, all over the globe, international development firms — including Chemonics — have, and truly benefit from, a diverse staff.

Rather than take that diversity at face value, it is important that we in the development sector look beyond numbers and engage that diversity for the good of the communities we serve. We must examine where diversity sits across our organizational structures and ensure our diverse staff feel included and supported. I believe the development community has the opportunity to lead the charge for diversity and inclusion, and I invite leaders and members of our industry to actively engage and collaborate on this effort.

We cannot, however, do the work of diversity and inclusion without deep reflection. Diversity and inclusion efforts do not simply comprise of a practical set of approaches. Rather, this work requires acknowledgment of historical and current discrimination, injustices, and power structures, and a strategy for sustained commitment…Read the full article on Devex’s website.

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About Susanna Mudge

Former President and Chief Executive Officer Susanna Mudge came to Chemonics in 1992 and has served the company in many key leadership roles, including as executive vice president, senior vice president of the Latin America and Caribbean region, and as director of several of the company’s larger programs. She brings in-depth global expertise in strategic…