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Webinar: The Health Workforce of the Future .

Event | June 24, 2021

A slide from a presentation that reads "The Health Workforce of the Future." Includes illustration of several people in different colors walking up to a mountain that sits beside the text "Health for All."

The third and final event of the HRH2030 end-of-program legacy series featured a panel of experts discussing key topics related to the health workforce.

The USAID Human Resources for Health in 2030 (HRH2030) program convened a panel of experts from USAID, WHO, government, civil society, and private sector across geographic regions for the third and final event of HRH2030’s End-of-Program Legacy Series, “The Health Workforce of the Future.” During this virtual moderated conversation, live and recorded guests discussed supporting and investing in health and care workers by prioritizing the mental health and wellness of health workers; ensuring pathways to health workforce careers for women and youth; integrating community health; transforming the workforce with data and digital innovations; and harnessing the power of the private sector.