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Moldovan Youth Promote Country’s Tourism Potential .

Project Success Story | January 10, 2019

Moldovan youth are stepping up to the challenge to participate in a multi-channel digital marketing campaign centered on showcasing tourism opportunities. The campaign, organized by the Moldova Competitiveness Project, has led to the country coming into prominence as a vacation destination.

The Moldova Competitiveness Project (MCP) invested in a multi-channel digital marketing campaign, #BeOurGuest, which focused on attracting visitors to Moldova’s rural areas. More visitors result in more jobs in hospitality, providing a valuable alternative to migration for the thousands of rural women who leave the country each year. The project created a campaign inviting youth to film videos showcasing Moldovan tourism opportunities. Local young people stepped up to the challenge upon seeing the advert for the campaign, to get ‘out of their comfort zone’ and discover their country. As a result of MCP activity, Moldova is now placed as one of Europe’s ‘top-10 must-visit destinations’ in global publications such as and Lonely Planet, only four years after being declared Europe’s ‘least visited destination.’ MCP is funded by USAID and Sweden and invests in the development of Moldova’s tourism industry.