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Gagauz Apparel Company Creates Jobs for Women in Rural Areas .

Project Success Story | January 10, 2019

RiDiager, a clothing manufacturer in the Gagauzia Autonomy, upgraded its facilities, opened new factories and created jobs for rural women with support from the Moldova Competitiveness Project. As a result, the owner has staff loyalty and an expansion in specialized production lines.

Svetlana Arabadji, director and owner of the RiDiager apparel company based in Comrat, Gagauzia, envisioned her business as a good quality workplace providing decent salaries for rural women. This in turn would result in strong returns for her business: quality production with a lower turnover of seamstresses, and higher productivity. This vision is in alignment with the USAID- and Sweden-funded Moldova Competitiveness Project’s (MCP) strategy to enhance the sustainability of Moldova’s light industry and is already yielding results. Through an MCP SEED fund, RiDiager co-invested to upgrade equipment and buy 20 new sewing machines. This enabled Svetlana to open a new production facility with 50 jobs for women in the village of Belsama, 30 km from Comrat. In total, they now have production units in five villages and employ 200 people.