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Key Considerations for Land Tenure Policies that Affect Youth .

Technical Brief | November 30, 2019

This primer takes an overview of the land tenure challenges that youth face, and what the key considerations for land tenure programming targeting youth.

The land tenure challenges that youth face are complex and connected to larger issues of agency, assets, enabling environment, and contribution. Using a deliberate “youth lens” can play a critical role in strengthening young people’s sense of agency when it comes to land. In terms of cultivating awareness of land rights among those in rural and urban areas, land tenure programming should address formal education, economic empowerment, and inheritance. Creating a stronger enabling environment for youth must weigh policies, laws, and interventions specifically designed to address the unique challenges youth face. As stakeholders implement such changes, youth are becoming stronger advocates for themselves and contributing to conversations about inheritance, cultural traditions, and corruption, as well as the lack of awareness of land rights and land processes.