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Intermediary Business Models for Improved Market System Processes and Relationships .

Technical Brief | December 31, 2016

The goal of the technical brief series on the Feed the Future Uganda Commodity Production and Marketing (CPM) activity is to share learning, scalable approaches, and practical steps for the agriculture sector growth in Uganda.

The Feed the Future Uganda Commodity Production and Marketing (CPM) activity began in 2013 and ran for five years. CPM works to increase productivity and income of rural families so they can lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. The activity harnesses market forces and uses innovative methods to increase the quantity and quality of coffee, maize, and beans that smallholder farmers produce and sell. CPM does this by working with exporters and other buyers to extend a variety of services down value chains to improve production and marketing; and building trust and win-win relationships between value chain actors to change processes and behavior. CPM focuses on incentivizing value chain middle actors to improve relationships up and downstream.