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Final Report: Strengthening Public Accountability in Parliament (Damal) .

Project Report | July 7, 2021

The front page of the final report titled "Strengthening Public Accountability in Parliament (DAMAL)." Includes an image of a man sitting at a table and writing.

This final report summarizes the achievements of the Strengthening Public Accountability in Parliament (Damal) project, which aimed to strengthen the Federal Parliament of Somalia’s ability to fulfill its legislative responsibilities. It also provides lessons learned and recommendations for future activities.

Somalia has experienced decades of insecurity and the absence of a formal government since the collapse of the state in 1991. Since 2012, and the passing of the provisional constitution and establishment of the Federal Government of Somalia, the country has made slow but steady progress towards fostering good governance, establishing legal frameworks based in international best practice, and improving public service delivery.

To support representative governance and confidence in political institutions amidst sweeping political shifts and prolonged insecurity, USAID launched the $2.4 million Strengthening Public Accountability in Parliament (Damal) project. The project aimed to strengthen the ability of the Federal Parliament of Somalia to fulfill its legislative and oversight responsibilities with regards to financial governance and oversight and the engagement of public participation in the public financial management process.

Damal builds upon the success of the Chemonics-implemented USAID-funded Strengthening Somali Governance program (2014-2018) and the Support to Four State Assemblies project (2018-2020), funded by the United Kingdom Department for International Development via the Somalia Stability Fund.