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Final Report: Enhanced Palestinian Justice Program .

Project Report | September 25, 2018

The front page of the final report titled "Enhanced Palestinian Justice Program." Includes an image of several people sitting outside in a village.

The Enhanced Palestinian Justice Program strived to increase effective justice sector institutions, accountable to the public, with the intent of improved citizen satisfaction with Palestinian Authority governance.

USAID’s Enhanced Palestinian Justice Program (EPJP), a five-year, $18.2 million program in the West Bank, improved service delivery in the justice sector by strengthening individual and institutional capacities and increasing citizen engagement with and respect for the rule of law. This was addressed by developing justice sector policies and procedures, building the knowledge and skills of justice sector personnel, renovating and equipping legal institutions, automating processes, and enabling public outreach through institutional media departments and civil society organizations, which tailored awareness methods and messages for targeted populations and areas.