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Chemonics’ Work in Malaria .

Fact Sheet | May 15, 2023

In 150 locations around the globe, our network of 5,000 professionals shares a simple belief: Those who have the least deserve our best. We work hand in hand with clients, partners, and beneficiaries to pursue a higher standard every day to achieve long-lasting results.

We envision a world without malaria. Chemonics seeks to contribute to its control and elimination through innovative and proven approaches that prevent, detect, and treat malaria infections, and prevent malaria-related deaths in the countries where we work. We develop strategic local and international partnerships, invest in health and information systems, and establish a culture of data use to strengthen communities to implement and scale up high-impact interventions for vector control, malaria diagnostics, and case management. Chemonics builds capacity and enables stakeholders at all levels of the health system to design, plan, implement, and monitor evidence-driven malaria control activities.