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Strengthening the Agricultural Lending in the Democratic Republic of Congo .

Toolkit | February 28, 2012

This agricultural lending toolkit outlines a package of resources to support banks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other emerging economies to increase their comfort with and capacity to extend agricultural lending.

The goal of this toolkit is to provide a set of standardized lending approaches for the agriculture sector and a reference guide for mid-level bank staff currently or prospectively involved in the agricultural lending process. Target staff includes client relationship staff, loan officers, risk management department staff and their managers, as well as producer associations and cooperatives. Ultimately, the toolkit should be easily read, adapted, and applied by bankers targeting agricultural enterprises across several levels of the value chain, including small-scale producers, processors, and distributors, and service companies and small and medium enterprises supporting them. These examples, templates, and tools, in combination with the targeted training described in the training action plan, provide methodologies and know-how to bankers to demystify the agriculture sector.