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Advancing Moldova’s Textile and Apparel Sectors .

Project Success Story | December 30, 2015

A document titled "Advancing Moldova's Textile and Apparel Sectors" with an image of a woman walking past sewing machines being operated by workers.

The USAID Moldova CEED (2005-2010) and CEED II (2010-2015) programs have helped grow and expand the competitiveness and efficiency of key industries leading to increased sales and investment. This two-pager features the project’s work relevant to the textiles and the apparel sector.

Since the USAID Moldova CEED program began working in the textile and apparel (T&A) sectors in 2005 through implementation of CEED II in 2015, there has been an ongoing initiative to move Moldovan textile and apparel companies to higher-value-added FOB, private, and own-label product schemes. Advancement to higher value-added manufacturing has been the key to sustainable, long-term competitiveness in the sectors and has created a backbone for the Moldovan fashion industry, translating to more jobs and a better economy.