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Contributor Scott Dubin

Scott Dubin is a social entrepreneur and innovator with more than 15 years of experience in the field of relief and development. He was the project lead for the application of drones to deliver health commodities. Scott also developed TransIT, a transport management system that increases visibility and tracking of in-country shipments. He holds a B.S. in business administration from Kendall College and an M.S. in international business from Ulster University. He holds a certification in humanitarian logistics from the Fritz Institute, as well as certification in pharmaceutical cold chain management from the World Health Organization.

by Scott Dubin

Flying the Last Mile — Integrating Cargo Drones into Health Supply Chains

This post originally appeared on Devex.   In remote regions of Malawi, terrain, infrastructure, and resource limitations delay — and can even prevent — lifesaving diagnoses and medicine deliveries to hospitals and health centers. Similar obstacles exist in countries across the developing world and the global health community is starting to turn to drones to…

The 21st Century Goldilocks: Using Technology to Monitor the Temperature of Health Commodities

From the agricultural to the health sector, an enormous quantity of commodities moves through supply chains. But as these agricultural goods, medicines, or health commodities travel all the way from manufacturer to patient, how can we continuously monitor their temperature and conditions to maintain their quality and effectiveness? This is particularly vital in the health…