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Consultant Remi Douah

Dr. Remi Douah, PhD, MPH, is a human-centered design expert with 15 years of experience in investigative and generative methods in health. Remi began his human-centered design work in 1985, designing cultural sensitivity training for health researchers in Côte d’Ivoire. Most recently, he conducted qualitative research for the USAID Health Finance and Governance Project led by Abt Associates Inc. in Nigeria to examine the implementation of micro-finance in increasing access to health care.

by Remi Douah

Human Centered-Design: Why Asking the Right Questions is Critical in International Development

A few years back, I was involved in designing a health promotion and education campaign to help diabetes and hypertension patients take better control of their health in the Caribbean and Latin America. In Jamaica, I asked my audience a series of questions about their body mass index (BMI) and their blood pressure. In the…