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Former Manager Paige Morency Notario

Paige Morency Notario is a former member of Chemonics’ Education and Youth Practice and was formerly a manager on the company’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning team.

by Paige Morency Notario

Disability Measurement Challenges: Not an Excuse to Delay Inclusive Education

According to the World Report on Disability, more than one billion people (15 percent of the world’s population), have a disability, and most children with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries have limited to no access to education. Though staggering, this statistic is likely higher because we have a hard time measuring disability. As a…

Assessing for Success: Education in Crisis and Conflict Environments

The number of displaced persons in the world has reached historic highs, with one out of every four school-aged children living in countries affected by conflict and crisis, where access to education is frequently a challenge. The International Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) states that “funding for education response should be given equal priority…

Teacher Learning Circles: A Locally Owned Complement to Coaching

Coaching is a welcomed response to the need for active and continuous teacher professional development, which is linked to student achievement gains. Coaching provides significant short-term impact on instruction, but comes with potential long-term sustainability issues due to its high price tag and possible lack of local ownership. Teacher learning circles (TLCs) can serve as…