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Consultant Matthew Humke

Matthew Humke has worked for 20 years in Latin America, Africa, and Asia for organizations like Rare and Solimar International developing sustainable tourism as a tool for economic development and biodiversity conservation. The tourism enterprises Matthew has helped to establish, such as La Ruta Moskitia in Honduras, have generated more than $5 million for local economies. The success of these enterprises has resulted in a number of the industry’s top honors, including a World Travel & Tourism Council “Tourism for Tomorrow” award. Matthew is the author of the Sustainable Tourism Toolkit, a four-part publication designed to help local entrepreneurs and project managers, particularly in developing countries, successfully develop sustainable tourism. For more information, please contact Matthew Humke at

by Matthew Humke

Tourism and Conservation: Rethinking the Paradigm

Due to its sheer size and potential, sustainable tourism — travel that attempts to benefit a destination’s economy, environment, and society — has become an essential element of nearly any economic development strategy in emerging economies around the world. You’ve probably seen the stats: Worldwide, travel and tourism contribute 10.2 percent of GDP, are third…