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Manager Lee Gerston

Lee Gerston is a manager in Chemonics’ East and Southern Africa Division.

by Lee Gerston

One Tool Every City That Is Vulnerable to Climate Change Should Have

Before COP 21 kicked off in Paris, heads of state from 20 countries who make up the Climate Vulnerable Forum adopted the Manila-Paris Declaration, which outlined concerns, priorities and plans for addressing climate change. The declaration enumerated how the threats we see in the news everyday — rising sea levels, cyclones, drought, and others —…

The Road to Resilience: Lessons in Climate Change Adaptation from Two Mozambican Cities

As we approach summer here in the United States, many families have already started planning that dream get-away vacation to the beach. A trip to the beach melts away our worries as quickly as waves crash on the shore. For many people around the world though, these same waves both provide and threaten livelihoods. More…