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Consultant Joshua Palfreman

Joshua Palfreman is a freelance private sector development consultant, specializing in urban water, sanitation, and hygiene and solid waste management. He works with Chemonics’ Water, Energy, and Sustainable Cities Practice.

by Joshua Palfreman

Less is More: How Cape Town Became a Model for Water Governance

As winter took its bite over the southern hemisphere, residents of Cape Town, South Africa, looked anxiously towards their rainy season. Cape Town, which entered a severe drought in 2017, urgently required consistent and above-average rainfall to avoid the looming threat of “Day Zero” returning in 2019 — the day when city authorities could potentially…

To Improve Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, Look Toward Waste Management

If you’ve ever seen a field covered in garbage in a developing country, you have some idea of the waste management challenges faced by various urban economies in sub-Saharan Africa. An explosion in urban migration and unplanned settlement, as well as a lack of urban planning to accommodate basic utility support infrastructure and services, has…