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Blog Contributor Jafar Shami

Jafar Shami is the former private sector development specialist with the USAID Durable Communities and Economic Opportunities (DCEO)/Tahfeez Project.

by Jafar Shami

3 Building Blocks for Mobilizing Inclusive Climate Finance

The private sector, recognizing the economic threat and global calls to climate action, has mobilized corporate pledges to avert climate disaster and bridge the nearly $4 trillion financing gap for climate financing by 2030. At the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26), nearly 500 global financial services firms agreed to align $130 trillion – some…

Navigating Enterprise-Destroying Pitfalls in SME Assistance

The elusive quest for economic growth is one of much trial and error. Its complexity is multiplied when considering the concurrent goals of resilience, inclusion, sustainability, and being broad-based and private-sector led. Forming an evidence-based and multi-sectoral strategy tackling this very problem is the herculean task that USAID’s latest economic growth policy faces. Even with a great strategy…