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Assistant Regional Warehouse Manager Gaspard Harelimana

Gaspard Harelimana is an assistant regional warehouse manager at Rwanda Medical Supply, a large-scale corporation owned and created by the government of Rwanda to ensure the availability of medicines and health commodities and overcome the challenges of low availability at the public central medical store. He has a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy and has more than 10 years of experience in health supply chains.

by Gaspard Harelimana

3 Questions with Gaspard Harelimana on Enhancing the Health Supply Chain in Rwanda

Following the publication of the article, “The Quality Management Improvement Approach: Successes and Lessons Learned From a Workforce Development Intervention in Rwanda’s Health Supply Chain” in the Global Health: Science and Practice journal, we talked with Gaspard Harelimana, Assistant Regional Warehouse Manager with Rwanda Medical Supply (RMS), to learn more about improvements to Rwanda’s health…