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Project Management Director, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and Afghanistan Regional Business Unit Safir Sahar

Safir Sahar is a trade and customs legal expert with nearly 15 years of trade and customs reform experience, including six years implementing USAID-funded economic growth projects in Afghanistan and Central Asia. He is currently a project management unit director in Chemonics’ home office, managing the USAID Afghanistan Capacity Building Activity. He recently completed his field assignment in the capacity of chief of party of the $77.8 million USAID Trade and Revenue (ATAR) project in Afghanistan. Prior to this, he served as deputy chief of party for ATAR and the USAID Trade and Accession Facilitation for Afghanistan (TAFA) project. Mr. Sahar played an active role in Afghanistan’s World Trade Organization accession and actively participated in the Afghanistan-Pakistan Transit Trade Agreement (APTTA) negotiation, providing tremendous support to the Afghan negotiation team. He also represented Afghanistan as the commercial attaché to Switzerland and trade representative to the World Trade Organization (2012-2013). Mr. Sahar has a B.A. in law and political science.

by Safir Sahar

Talk of Peace Sparks Hope and Fear in Afghanistan

The history of conflict in Afghanistan is as old as I am. I was born in Nangarhar, Afghanistan in 1978. As a young man, I lived under the Taliban regime. Now, with renewed peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban underway, I am trying to imagine life without war in my home country.…

3 Questions with Safir Sahar on Afghanistan’s Accession to the World Trade Organization

How does accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO) impact Afghanistan? The Afghan companies that will benefit from WTO membership will predominantly be those companies with current and potential capacity to export. The WTO provides guaranteed, secured, and non-discriminatory market access for Afghan producers in the markets of WTO countries, which constitute more than 95…