Country: India

Communications and PR services for FHM Engage India

The FHM Engage India buy-in, implemented by Chemonics International, has released a Request for Quotations (RFQ) to solicit eligible organizations in India to provide PR/Communications services to design, plan and manage communications and branding for a flagship private sector initiative, including creating marketing materials, providing digital and media outreach and promotion of a launch event with key stakeholders.

The applicable NAICS code for this RFQ is 522390.

Contact pmu-ind-fhm-engage@chemonics.com for questions. Telephone requests will not be honored. The deadline in response to this RFQ is January 19, 2024. Questions may be submitted no later than 20:00 India Standard Time on January 15, 2024.

RFQ-FHM-IND-001, Communications and PR Services for FHM Engage India’s Women’s Health & Livelihood Alliance (WOHLA) activities

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