Chemonics, under the USAID Program for Advancing Supply Chain Outcomes (PASCO), with USAID Contract Number 72061123C00001, is soliciting offers from companies and organizations to submit proposals for the provision of last-mile distribution services of Zambia’s Ministry of Health (MOH) health commodities (excluding cold chain commodities requiring refrigerated vehicles) between Zambia Medicines and Medical Supplies Agency (ZAMMSA) in Lusaka to ZAMMSA hubs, district health offices, and health facilities.

Solicitation number: #465.002

Description of services requested: In-Country Distribution of Health Commodities – Lusaka-origin.

The authorized USAID geographic code for this RFP is Code: 935.

Chronological List of Proposal Events. Offerors must strictly follow these deadlines.

Chemonics Contact Information  

Offerors shall submit their offers electronically only, via e-mail at the following address:

To: PASCO Procurement Team

Subject:  465.002

The Project: PASCO

The e-mail:

RFP_In-Country Distribution 465.002_PASCO_Lusaka_FINAL

Amendment 1 RFP 465.002 In-Country Distribution of Health Commodities –
Lusaka-origin (included October 13, 2023) 

Purpose of the Amendment:

  1. To clarify language around the 60% and 40% split between primary and secondary vendors.
  2. To clarify language around offerors demonstrating financial capacity that they can meet the 50% threshold for order lines to be serviced using directly owned fleet (as opposed to leased, hired, or second-tier subcontracted fleet) during implementation of any resulting IQS.
  3. To clarify language and evaluation criteria related to corporate capabilities, experience, and past performance.
  4. To respond to questions received in response to the RFP – both those submitted in writing and those raised during the proposal conference.
  5. To provide a copy of the proposal conference PowerPoint slides used by Chemonics during the conference held on October 11, 2023.

Annex 001_RFP 465.002_Cover Letter

Annex 002_RFP 465.002_Cost and Pricing Guide_Final

Annex 003_PASCO_3PL Historical Usage_ZAMMSA_Lusaka-origin.pptx

Annex 003_Zambia_Consolidated_Health_Facilities_List_Lusaka-origin

Annex 004_RFP 465.002_Required Reps and Certs

Annex 005_RFP 465.002_Past Performance Template

Annex 006_RFP 465.002_UEI and SAM Registration

Annex 007.a Daily Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Annex 007.b PASCO Vehicle Inspection Checklist

Annex 008_WHO Good Storage and Distribution Practices May_2019

Annex 009 WHO Model Guidance – Storage and Transport

Annex 010 Guidance_Loading a Truck

Annex 011 WHO Tech Supplements_Storage and Transport

Annex 012 (1) POD (Delivery Note) Sample

Annex 012 (2) POD (Trip Manifest) Sample

Annex 012 (3) POD Vendor Trip Register Sample

Annex 012 (4) POD Reverse Logistics_Supply Voucher_Samples

Annex 012 (5) Report for Returning Products

Annex 012 (6) ZAMMSA Product Returns Authorization Final

Annex 013_Sample Distribution Plan_Lusaka

Annex 014_3PL Distribution KPIs

Annex 015_ZAMRA Guidelines on Good Distribution Practices

Annex 016­_Sample Pricing Agreement Template

Annex 017_Sample Purchase Order Template

Annex 018_Sample Custodianship Agreement Template

Annex 019_Pricing Table_Lusaka

Annex 020 IQS Template_Distribution_Lusaka-origin