Awarded: Floodbase ($450,246) | OKO Finance ($216,340) |

Chemonics International, under the USAID Climate Finance for Development Accelerator (CFDA), seeks concept notes –in response to the Adaptation Finance Window–  from private-sector enterprises for innovative concepts with the potential to be financially self-sustaining, that will deliver significant outcomes for climate adaptation in two priority areas:

  • Developing, pilot testing, or scaling innovative products or services for potable water storage and use, water recycling technology, leak detection, and irrigation management options that are viable amidst climate extremes (e.g. chronic drought, intensive flooding due to precipitation or glacial melt, rapid oscillation between those two, and/or sea level rise/saltwater intrusion).
  • Developing or scaling parametric insurance products or mechanisms to protect businesses and farmers from extreme weather events or other climate impacts (e.g. flooding, storms, pests, spread of zoonotic diseases, extreme heat, drought, sea level rise, and their cascading effects).

The Adaptation Finance Window is Addendum 001 of CFDA’s Climate Finance Annual Program Statement (APS). Concept notes in response to Adaptation Finance Window will be accepted through October 20, 2023 at 11:59pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Interested applicants are encouraged to join the Climate Finance Investment Network (CFIN). Managed by CFDA, the CFIN brings together climate finance stakeholders across a diverse set of sectors and emerging and frontier markets to partner with USAID. The objective of the network is to crowd in private sector climate financing through learning, partnership facilitation, and catalytic grants. CFDA will share all answers to questions, and other updates with contacts registered with the CFIN. There is no cost to join the CFIN and membership does not involve any commitment or obligation.


Climate Finance APS 0011

Adaptation Finance Window, Addendum 001