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News: Chemonics Launches Global to Local Campaign

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From November 1 to 22, Chemonics and Devex partner on the Global to Local Campaign to explore inclusive, local, and sustainable approaches to development.

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, also known as the Global Goals, the development community is beginning to reimagine how we can work together to address our world’s most intractable problems. From climate change to financial inclusion to girls’ education, we recognize that no one organization, donor, or country can address global challenges alone.

Through our Global to Local campaign​ with Devex, which runs from November 1 to 22, we explore how development sector actors can work together to promote inclusive, local, and sustainable approaches to achieving the Global Goals. Our #Global2Local campaign leads weekly conversations on local approaches at the front line of social inclusion and financial and economic empowerment, as well as the future of sustainable development systems.

Over three weeks, the campaign sheds light on the importance of inclusive development, exploring how to better engage local systems and involve community stakeholders in development efforts. Our #Global2Local conversations also highlight financial inclusion and discuss emerging trends that can help scale up integrated models for development in the future.

As part of the campaign, Chemonics will share op-eds, expert commentaries, and stories on local solutions to global development challenges.

“The Global Goals demand more connected, innovative, and cross-cutting approaches to solving global problems,” says Chemonics President and CEO Susi Mudge. “We look forward to leading a dialogue that celebrates local solutions.”

Take a look at the Global to Local website​ from November 1 to 22 to see the latest stories, videos, and commentaries about the campaign. You can also follow the online conversation using the hashtag #Global2Local.​​​​​