In 2011, Chemonics became 100-percent employee owned, fulfilling the long-held dream of our founder Tony Teele. At that time, only U.S.-based employees were able to participate in Chemonics’ Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which gave them a financial stake in the future of the company. Because our corporate culture is built on a strong commitment to our team members all over the world, in 2012, the ESOP was expanded to include local staff in 18 additional countries. Participation expanded to 22 countries in 2017 and as of January 1st, 2023, there are 24 participating countries, including newly added Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Zimbabwe.

Local employees on long-term agreements in these countries are automatically enrolled in the International ESOP and enjoy this additional benefit as part of their employment package.

Every two years, we review our assessment of local labor laws, corporate laws, securities laws, and tax laws in countries where Chemonics works, with the goal of sustaining and expanding the plan as much as possible.

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The International ESOP is an employee benefit that allows you to share directly in the value and growth of the company like an “owner.” As the company grows, the benefits you get from the International ESOP grow. With an employee stock ownership plan, employees work together to benefit one another and the company. Click the links below to read an overview of the plan including key terms, the detailed summary plan, and browse the frequently asked questions.

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For questions about the plan, please contact your Chief of Party (COP), Senior Vice President (SVP), or Project Management Unit (PMU).

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