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News: Chemonics’ Senior Vice President Philip DeCosse Discusses Food Security and Resilience in Nigeria at CSIS Event

February 14, 2019
2 Minute Read
Senior Vice President Philip DeCosse represented Chemonics at Center for Strategic and International Studies’ event launching report on food and nutrition security in Nigeria.
Image of a hand holding a large number of lentils.

Improving Nutrition Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Introducing a New Crop

Sanavbar Sherova
June 1, 2017
3 Minute Read
To address dietary deficiencies in Tajikistan, farmers are looking at an old crop in a new way.
several women holding fruits and vegetables in baskets on their heads watching as a large white truck drives past.

A Day in the Life of Grace: Food Security and Nutrition in a Rapidly Urbanizing Africa

Lark Walters | Rob Henning
March 27, 2017
3 Minute Read
Urban food consumption may be a $1 trillion market opportunity by 2030. How can local entrepreneurs meet the needs of these consumers?