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Around the globe, we work to find life-changing solutions that transform how development can, and should, work.

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Climate Change

With the threat that climate change imposes on development progress, our new climate change group will draw on our existing climate and environmental management capacity into a unified platform.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to a workforce that reflects the vast diversity of the communities we serve.

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We believe that by taking risks, being bold, and forging partnerships, the development community can scale innovations for sustainable change.

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Check out what’s happening at Chemonics and get our specialists’ take on the latest in international development.

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We apply and adapt solutions from around the world and translate those approaches and ideas to fit each community and context.


clients benefiting from financial services as of 2020


new media initiatives designed to mitigate conflict as of 2020


people with improved capacity to adapt to climate variability and change as of 2020

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Development Works Here: Matthew Mendis

Matthew Mendis, managing director of the Chemonics Energy Group, discusses his path to development and the clean energy sector, Chemonics' Sri Lanka Energy project, and what motivates him to get up in the morning.

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What is Community?

Chemonics is dedicated to improving communities around the world. But what is community? Find out more.

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Changing Habits

The USAID-funded Communication Support for Health project partners with the government of Zambia to develop public awareness campaigns to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS.

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A Bigger Haul

Fish is a vital source of protein and Nigeria needs more of it!. See how one USAID project is improving the country's food security by getting more and more people to farm fish.

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Colombia’s Sonic Forest

For almost a decade USAID has worked with Afro-Colombian and indigenous communities to protect their way of life. Learn how the pacific forest communities in Colombia are safeguarding the most biodiverse rainforests in the world.

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Tusheti Unexplored

The Zrda Project proudly contributes to the engagement of tourism in the northeast region of Tusheti, towards activities ranging from camping, horseback riding, and more.

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USAID’s Community Support Program Equips Saidoun Agricultural Cooperative for Success

USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) in Lebanon provided the Saidoun agricultural cooperative with equipment to reduce costs and enhance harvesting techniques.

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Drones for Delivery

The USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management project is using drone technology to increase service delivery of health commodities and laboratory samples to and from hard-to-reach areas.

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Success Story from Bokhtar, Tajikistan

In Tajikistan, USAID distributed 600 Braille books to specialized schools and classes in 2020. Thanks to USAID, now children with low vision have access to Braille books and more opportunities to read.

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Helping All Children Read in Senegal

Since 2016, USAID has supported Senegal to implement a national early reading program using three national languages. This video showcases one classroom, highlighting the positive impact the Lecture Pour Tous program has achieved.

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We share the knowledge we’ve gained during our 45 years in development working across more than 100 countries.