Ayla Bitmouni

Senior Specialist, Private Sector Engagement Practice

Ayla Bitmouni is a development professional who brings expertise in economic development with a focus on finance and investment in emerging markets. She is currently serving as a senior specialist on the Private Sector Engagement (PSE)…

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Supporting Private Sector Resilience in Ukraine through Cyber Threat Management

A three-year, $3.75 million collaboration between Flare and Chemonics International is helping to enhance the resilience of Ukraine’s critical infrastructure.
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Transformation Communications Activity

USAID’s Transformation Communications Activity supports communication initiatives on national unity and diversity, Ukraine’s path toward European integration, and countering disinformation.
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How Do We Solve the Climate Finance Puzzle?

This video provides a basic overview of the climate finance ecosystem available to developing countries, and how organizations like Chemonics can support countries' efforts to promote greater climate resilience.

Syria Education Programme (SEP) II

This programme has been designed to deliver the UK’s commitment to enhance equitability of education for girls and boys by strengthening the quality and inclusivity of formal primary education in Northwest Syria.
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