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WHO Community Health Worker Guideline Recommendations Using HRH2030’s Life Cycle Approach .

Tool | May 23, 2019

HRH2030 created the WHO Community Health Worker Guideline Recommendations Using Lifecycle Approach visual linking WHO guidelines to the life cycle approach.

Community health workers play a big role many countries’ overall health status, which is one of the reasons why the WHO guideline on health policy and system support to optimize community health worker programmes was heralded when it was released on October 2018. The guideline presents evidence on what is required to facilitate the proper integration of community health workers into health systems and communities, including 15 recommendations. Through HRH2030, Chemonics advocates and supports the dissemination of these guidelines. This infographic, also translated to French, links the 15 recommendations in the WHO guideline to specific areas of the Health Worker Life Cycle Approach.