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A New Approach to Energy Governance in Development .

Event | June 24, 2021

For decades the development community has recognized the problem of poor energy governance, but approaches to improving it have been primarily technocratic.

Recent work shows the importance of understanding the political economy of the energy sector when designing interventions and adapting our approach to managing energy sector projects. To tackle the climate crisis and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, we need new approaches for improving access to modern, affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy. During this webinar, co-hosted by Chemonics and The Policy Practice, leading practitioners explore hurdles to energy reform and put forward a new approach to the design and management of energy sector reform programs.

A white paper and technical brief on this topic are included with the links below. Follow-up responses to questions missed during the live session are available here.


Opening Presentations

  • Susan Kemp, Global Practice Lead, Democracy and Governance, Chemonics
  • Dr. Neil McCulloch, Executive Director, The Policy Practice
  • Patrick Okigbo, Founder and Principal Partner, Nextier Power, Nigeria


  • Dr. Vivien Foster, Chief Infrastructure Economist, World Bank
  • Edward (Ned) Hoyt, Sr. Global Practice Lead, Chemonics Energy Group; and Co-director, Water, Energy, and Sustainable Cities Practice, Chemonics
  • Dr. Vidhura Ralapanawe, Co-founder, Co-energi; and independent energy analyst, Sri Lanka
  • Carmen Urízar, Director, Energy and Infrastructure Analysis Center and Estrategias de Inversión, SA; former President, National Electricity Commission (CNEE); and Minister of Energy, Guatemala