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Tools for Evaluating Climate Change Adaptation Programs .

Toolkit | September 30, 2019

This toolkit provides background and context for conducting a climate change interventions assessment (CCA) and provides step-by-step guidance and templates for developing an assessment framework and implementing four research tools.

Communities across the globe are coping with the impacts of a changing climate. To help them manage these impacts, USAID and its partners increasingly apply a “climate lens” to activities. A critical input to this is best practices guidance on both the use of climate change adaptation (CCA) strategies and the targeting of resources where they can achieve the greatest impact. This toolkit is a resource for development practitioners to assess the effectiveness of various CCA interventions. Produced by USAID’s Adaptation Thought Leadership and Assessments (ATLAS) project, the toolkit presents a framework for analysis and recommends four research tools that USAID and partners can use together with local communities to help prioritize interventions to improve climate resilience.