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Chemonics’ Work in Trade and Regulatory Reform .

Technical Brief | November 30, 2017

This primer serves an overview of Chemonics’ approach to facilitate trade capacity building and regulatory reform and promotes trade integration through regional and bilateral trade agreements.

Chemonics’ programs strengthen governments’ institutional capacity to coordinate trade and tariff policies, build the capacity of governmental staff to negotiate and implement trade agreements, support the reform of border crossing operations, and build the capacity of customs officials. Chemonics also facilitates World Trade Organization (WTO) accession and compliance; supports trade policy improvements and the establishment of single windows; and improves competition policy, investor protection, and trade-related infrastructure while engaging in trade promotion to enable countries to benefit fully from trade agreements, resulting in increased investment, jobs, and economic growth. Some of the outstanding project portfolio highlights includes Afghanistan Trade and Revenue Project (ATAR), the Regional Economic Cooperation in Central Asian Republics (REC), and Business Regulation, Investment and Trade Environment in Moldova (BRITE).