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Chemonics’ Work in Public Financial Management .

Technical Brief | November 30, 2017

This primer provides an overview of how Chemonics works with governments to build and maintain sound, effective, transparent, and accountable public financial management systems.

Chemonics help countries better address their own development needs by increasing institutional and human capacity to forecast, manage, and increase domestic resource mobilization, and increase domestic resource mobilization, and simultaneously build capacity to plan and execute budgets, as well as monitor, evaluate, and report on budget expenditures. Chemonics also engages in fiscal policy and pension reform, improves debt management and government procurement, and provides technical assistance in auditing, systems design, hardware, and custom operations. The project portfolio includes Pension Reform Implementation Program in Armenia (PRIP), Asia and Middle East Economic Growth Best Practices (AMEG) for Tunisia, Libya and Iraq, the Integrated Financial Management System in Haiti (IFMIS), the Mongolia Business Plus Initiative (BPI) and the Governance for Inclusive Growth in Vietnam (GIG).