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Synthesizing Good Practices in Climate Adaptation Assessments .

Project Report | February 26, 2016

This technical report analyzes the effectiveness of various USAID-funded climate change vulnerability assessments and provides recommendations to effectively design adaptation assessments for the future.

One major activity within the ATLAS (Adaptation, Thought Leadership and Assessments) project was to provide guidance for integrating climate change risk management and adaptation into USAID design and implementation of sectoral and cross-sectoral programming. The purpose of this document is to summarize approaches taken for a set of CCVAs (climate change vulnerability assessments) completed by USAID and to identify good practices to help design CCVAs effectively, obtain useful results, and assure that those results are reflected as specific CCA interventions in USAID programming. This report also pulls from three interconnected activities which are an analysis of previous USAID CCVAs that evaluates uptake of assessment results into adaptation programming.