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Health on Ice: The journey of medical supplies .

Podcast | May 20, 2021

A flyer titled "Health on Ice: The journey of Medical Supplies." Includes an image of an ice cube sliding on the page.

In this podcast series, GHSC-PSM experts discuss the lessons learned from transportation of critical health commodities in low-resource settings—especially during COVID-19—as they apply to vaccine transportation.

Experts from the USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project are well positioned to discuss how global supply chains were tested and innovations spurred due to COVID-19. The project’s new podcast series, Health on Ice, focuses on critical vaccine infrastructure (i.e. cold chain logistics); how to put that infrastructure in place; challenges and successes related to establishing a reliable cold chain; where cold chain capabilities exists among the countries GHSC-PSM supports; and what gaps and major hurdles countries face as they begin to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine. It also highlights partnerships critical to vaccine distribution and considerations for an effective distribution campaign.

Listen to Episode 1, “Hand sanitizer is dangerous cargo” (April 2021)

Listen to Episode 2, “From Corn to Kinshasa” (May 2021)

Listen to Episode 3, “The Chillest Pill” (July 2021)

Listen to Episode 4, “Flex, Flow, and Freeze: Delivering Malawi’s Vaccines” (November 2021)