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Final Report: Mozambique Coastal City Adaptation Project .

Project Report | December 24, 2018

The USAID-funded Coastal City Adaptation Project supported Mozambique in preparing for the impact of climate change by building the capacity of local governments and communities to undertake integrated, long-term planning and develop the knowledge to make informed decisions on climate change issues.

To strengthen Mozambique’s ability to build resilience to climate change challenges, especially in vulnerable coastal communities, USAID launched the $19.9 million Coastal City Adaptation Project (CCAP) in 2013. Over a five-year period, CCAP worked with municipal governments to increase understanding of urban adaptation issues and increase the application of management options for urban adaptation, particularly for the most vulnerable communities. CCAP engaged and partnered with stakeholders at central and local levels, including different ministries, city authorities, academia, civic organizations, community members, and international partners to reduce risk and build resilience of the country’s coastal areas.