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Final Report: Indonesia ProRep Final Summary .

Project Report | March 30, 2016

The front page of the final report showing a large multicolored "5" that is part of the title "ProRep's 5-year journey." The "5" also has several images of smiling people included throughout.

Indonesia Program Representasi was a five-year project democracy and governance program that connected people, experts, and policymakers to improve public policies and representation.

Indonesia Program Representasi (ProRep) was a five-year initiative that supported a number of civil society organizations, think tanks, and the DPR (House of Representatives) to better research and understand, articulate, and respond to citizen needs and improve public policies. Beginning in 2014, ProRep initiated a new “policy community” phase, supporting civil society, research, and government institutions’ efforts to join forces to improve, and better implement education, health, environment, and anti-corruption policies.