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Final Report: Strengthening the Human and Institutional Capacity of Georgian Institutions .

Project Report | June 30, 2015

USAID launched the comprehensive Human and Institutional Capacity Development (HICD) PLUS project in September 2011 to improve the performance of Georgian institutions that are important to both USAID and Georgia.

HICD PLUS was designed to complement USAID/Georgia’s assistance efforts in democracy and governance, economic growth, energy and environment, and health and education through the development of individual skills and institutional capacity of select public entities, civil society organizations (CSOs), and other private institutions that play a strategic role in the implementation of the Government of Georgia’s reform program and USAID/Georgia’s development objectives. The project also provided participant processing services to all of USAID’s programs in Georgia. An ambitious, multifaceted $5,950,932 project over a four-year period, HICD PLUS did not replace USAID’s existing technical assistance activities. On the contrary, it complemented existing technical knowledge with organizational development expertise and provided advisory services in skills enhancement and systemic improvements to select organizations while developing the capacity of Georgian CSOs and private sector institutions to provide training, organization, and management services.