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From Plan to Prosperity: Tajikistan’s First Land Auction .

Project Success Story | September 30, 2020

A document titled "Success Story: From Plan to Prosperity: Tajikistan's First Land Auction." Includes an image of a man posing for a photo in a field.

As a 30-year-old entrepreneur, Izatullo Boboev knew that success was the result of planning and maybe a little good fortune. With his plan made — to acquire a plot of land suitable for farming — good fortune came in the form of advice from a local land rights activist: a tashabbuskor.

After learning about a local land auction, 30-year-old entrepreneur Izatullo Boboev placed a winning bid on a land plot. In total, the first land auctions supported by the Feed the Future Land Market Development Activity leased 63.64 hectares of land and will generate approximately US$102,167 in revenue for local governments over five years. This is, however, just the beginning, and other districts have begun the process to hold their own auctions. With an estimated 2,857,706 hectares held by the Land Reserve Fund, the potential benefits for local governments in Tajikistan and farmers like Mr. Boboev are significant and will ensure the country’s limited arable land resources are used to their full economic advantage.