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Final Report: Strengthening Somali Governance Project .

Project Report | November 30, 2018

USAID launched the Strengthening Somali Governance (SSG) project in 2014 to support the development of more effective and accountable Somali government institutions.

Initially slated as a three-year project working under three objectives, SSG was modified in 2017, when USAID issued an RFP and subsequent contract modification that provided a one-year extension for project activities under Objective 1: Improved legislative, oversight, and representational functions of Somalia’s deliberative bodies. The two other objectives included improving the representational functions of Somalia’s deliberative bodies and improve the oversight functions of Somalia’s deliberative bodies. This activity improved the reach of government; systematized opportunities for representation and inclusion of citizen interests in the political process; increased the legitimacy of government institutions and representative bodies; and supported women’s empowerment and leadership.