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Emergency Supply Chain Preparedness in the Context of COVID-19 .

Presentation | October 14, 2020

COVID-19 has impacted the global pharmaceutical supply chain in multiple ways, including supply, transportation, and long-term, unknown impacts. While COVID-19 presents unique challenges, a strong supply chain is a prepared supply chain.

This presentation walks through the framework of emergency supply chain (ESC) preparedness and response, as well as best practices and the Emergency Supply Chain Playbook. The major areas of emergency supply chain preparedness and response include people and processes, commodity planning, logistics and transport, and transition and other special considerations. These areas are outlined and highlighted in the featured Emergency Supply Chain Playbook, of which there is a general playbook and customized country playbooks. Sixteen countries have customized the baseline materials for their supply chain and public health contexts to facilitate implementation and eventual country ownership and adoptions. The playbook includes a management checklist, ESC preparedness overview, technical user guide, response job aids, and response quick guide, all of which are used together to facilitate appropriate supply chain preparedness and response in the event of a public health emergency. The presentation also highlights the Latin America and Caribbean Region and Burkina Faso as case studies in the utilization of the ESC playbook in response to COVID-19.