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Final Report: Economic Growth Through Sustainable Tourism .

Project Report | December 31, 2014

The front page of the final report showing an exhibit in a museum displaying ancient stone carvings.

This 18-month USAID Economic Growth Through Sustainable Tourism Project (2013 - 2014) continued work to improve Jordan’s competitiveness as an international tourism destination to boost the country’s GDP, create jobs, and engage women and youth.

USAID has long supported Jordan’s tourism sector, which is the country’s largest economic sector, the second largest earner of foreign exchange after remittances, and the largest generator of private sector employment. The project worked in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities on initiatives to further develop the country’s tourism sector and bring several tourism initiatives, for which the foundation was laid under the previous tourism project, to fruition. These included implementing a new national restaurant classification system, improving destination marketing, building tourism human resource capacity, diversifying vocational training in tourism and hospitality and enhancing the visitor experience at key attractions. Support at tourist sites included upgrading site management and interpretation with a focus on Petra, Ajloun, and Madaba.