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Cultivating Moldova’s Historical Wine Sector .

Fact Sheet | November 30, 2015

This fact sheet explains how the USAID Moldova Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (2005-2010) and CEED II (2010-2015) programs have helped grow and expand the competitiveness and efficiency of key industries in Moldova leading to increased sales and investment in wine, and various other sectors.

Wine is of significant importance to the Moldovan economy because it is one of the only products exported with its full value chain completed in-country and high employability in rural areas. The Moldovan wine sector has opened new markets and reoriented exports to the EU, China, and the U.S. by organizing promotion activities. The ‘Wine of Moldova’ program and creation of the ONVV in 2014(National Office for Vine and Wine and National Wine and Vine Fund) are keys to future success. A prosperous wine sector will now welcome small- and medium-sized wineries which have emerged with a new generation in the sector. With eight small wineries successfully launched in Moldova, this growing number directly correlates to increased jobs and sales domestically and internationally for Moldovan wine and a strengthened entrepreneurial ecosystem for the country.