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Final Report: Colombia Human Rights Program III .

Project Report | October 13, 2015

The front page of the final report with an image of a smiling woman and the text "Bringing Human Rights to the Regions" above her head.

Colombia’s internal conflict is the oldest active armed conflict in the Western Hemisphere. To fully support Colombia’s endeavors in tackling some of the most challenging human rights issues today, USAID initiated its 3.5-year Human Rights Program III in March 2012.

USAID’s Human Rights Program III (HRP III) developed an innovative country strategy focused on regional efforts in Colombia, targeting eight departments and 40 municipalities and based on four core components: promotion of a culture of human rights, prevention of human rights violations, response to human rights violations, and a focus on gender issues. Never executed in this manner with such emphasis at the regional level, HRP III’s deep regional coverage and impact has been widely recognized by program counterparts.